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Why hello there fellow Tumblr user!
I'm an 19 year old blob from Sweden who loves movies, games and my girlfriend. I'm currently studying media.

This is a multifandom blog.


worst pain imaginable

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Just a tiny but kind of important update


Guys guys guys! Are any of you interested in another one of our Cosplay blooper/gag reel video?? Cause I’m thinking I might upload one when we reach 300 followers but I’m just making sure you guys are actually interested :D

Also, there’s been some requests on our YouTube channel for more videos. If you have any suggestions for what you want to see us do in cosplay, please let us know by messaging us!

And finally, since we’re going to the Scandinavian sci fi, game and film convention (in cosplay) the 26 and/or 27 of April, make sure you head over to our ask blog and ask the zombie killing boyfriends a lot of questions they can answer while they’re there!

Have a good one!